PythiaTM uses a conversational user interface to verbally deliver step-by-step directions, on demand, in any language to a wearable computer headset,  then report the time workers use to complete each step.

Use it To:


  • Create signature recipes & SOPs
  • Verify every process step is followed every time
  • Ensure sterile fields stay sterile
  • Prepare for emergencies
  • Improve existing SOPs
  • Automatically identify performance issues at a process STEP level
  • Consistently train new processes
  • Support visually & memory impaired staff

Your Benefits:


  • Improve Quality: Enable 100% consistent production by simply having workers follow verbal directions
  • Reduce Cost: 100% consistent training worldwide
  • More Money: No business interruption to create SOPs
  • Save Money: Web translation eliminates translation cost
  • Go Global: Write 1 SOP, deliver it globally, instantly, in any language, change it on-the-fly as needed
  • Security: Military grade security keeps your SOPs safe while instantly accessible anywhere in the world