Keep Costs & Profits in Network


Adyton developed PythiaTM without external capital and wishes to continue growing without external debt or influence. To accomplish this, when growth opportunities require more capital than Adyton can produce, it will offer loan opportunities to its PythiaTM  Business Partner Network members before attempting to access outside capital. The purpose of intra-network loans is to keep all influences on the PythiaTM system and products within the network and to enable network members to earn money that would otherwise go to banks or outside investors.

Reasons for Adyton to raise additional capital could include development of new device models, large scale marketing campaigns, new product development, and other growth investments approved by the PythiaTM Business Partner Network.


Adyton loan rates and terms will be approved by the PythiaTM Business Partner Network and designed to reward members making larger loans. Loans rates will be set above market at the time they're initiated and will be repaid through higher PythiaTM discounts until the principle is fully paid. After a loan has been fully paid, the discount will return to its original percentage.


Pythia Business Partner Network


* To create competitive advantages for distributors and their clients, distributorships are made of one business per NAICS code operating in one geographic territory and distributorships will not overlap or compete with each other.


* Distributors choose their market(s) based on availability of the market and success with existing clientele or potential success in a given market and may own multiple market segments


* Distributorships may be freely granted, sold directly by Adyton, or sold by Adyton via Distributor Network approval


* Distributors earn a percentage of every sale including residual sales


* Residual income increases distributorship marketability and value


* Opportunities to earn even more per sale via Pythia Network loans.


Pythia is exclusively available through the Pythia Business Partner Network

Distributors Decide


* Distributors get voting privileges on matters impacting distributorships including:


 -Distributorship purchase price

 -Adyton loan interest rates

 -Market segment configurations

 -Distributor Agreement changes

 -New Distributor approval

 -Product design

 -New product development


Distributors & Financing

Pythia is exclusively available through the Pythia Business Partner Network