Adyton, LLC uses a limited area development and conversion franchise business model. Our target partners/franchisees already have clients and know which of those clients could benefit from PythiaTM's SOP creation, verbal instruction delivery, and an automatic performance analysis system. Why would we replicate what they already do or try to compete with them? In exchange for PythiaTM sales, Adyton will provide its partners exclusive markets, products & services for resale, along with support, marketing, accounting, and other administrative support. Franchises and geographies are limited to ensure partner success and limit partner competition. Opportunities include:


Pre-market Adopters & Investors I: Receive 25% resale discount until investment is tripled + an expanded Exclusive market. After tripling investment, the resale discount adjusts to 15%.


Pre-market Adopters & Investors II: Receive 20% resale discount until investment is doubled + an Exclusive market. After doubling investment, the resale discount adjusts to 15%.


Regular/Post-release Partners: Receive 15% resale discounts + Exclusive market.


All Partners: Belong to the PythiaTM Business Partner Network and share a voice in company governance. Governance decisions include market segmentation, partner transfers, sales, and other approvals.