PythiaTM is effective in any workplace that uses step-by-step processes

Jobs with High Precision Requirements

• Workers perform many routine, error prone, assembly tasks requiring strict operating procedures for total quality management.


• Profit depends on effective & detailed SOPs and workers who produce exact copies of products 24/7, anywhere in the world, in any language.

• Workers, meticulously develop repeatable processes aimed at producing critical life and wellness outcomes. In these jobs, process steps must be verifiable and executed perfectly every time.


• Business success depends on products & knowledge leading to longer & healthier lives of people and every other living thing. PythiaTM ensures procedures are written, delivered, & verifiably executed by every worker, every time, anywhere in the world.

Jobs with Critical Process STEPs

• Workers, especially those in high turnover positions, are expected to rapidly perform too many tasks to memorize or perform tasks not performed routinely enough to become to memorize. These jobs are error prone & regulatory tasks including ID checks & sanitation are not properly performed.


• Business success relies on proper assembly, reduced waste, legal compliance, & excellent guest rapport regardless of time, worker or global location. PythiaTM verifies laws are followed and ensures every process, including those never before performed, is properly performed, every time.

Jobs with Too Many Processes to Memorize

• Workers expected to perfectly perform rarely or never before performed tasks including emergency procedures, monthly or annual maintenance, seasonal recipes, and repairing equipment.


• Business longevity relies on never succumbing to failed emergency responses, broken equipment, or the inability to produce requested products on demand.

Jobs with Rarely Performed Tasks

PythiaTM is effective in any workplace that uses step-by-step processes